Ross Haven Farm. Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Your Equine Convalescent Care Facility


For Horse Owners:

3 horses in the fieldRoss Haven Farm offers a quiet and relaxed farm environment, managed by medical professionals, in which horses recovering from illness or injury can effectively rebuild depleted resources and regain lost vitality.

Experienced owners recognize that horses recuperating from medical or surgical procedures reach a point when they are sufficiently improved to warrant discharge from a primary care facility, but they may not be ready to return to the rigors of the show barn or training farm. Alternatively, while your horse may be ready to return home, he or she may require continued medical care or other treatment which you may be reluctant to provide for reasons of inexperience, limited facilities, or simply a lack of time.

Whatever the reason, you now have the opportunity to transition your horse’s convalescence through our comprehensive care facility staffed by knowledgeable individuals with both equestrian and medical experience.


For Veterinarians:

Mare and FoalWhen your expertise, time and resources have successfully brought your patient to the point where immediate veterinary oversight is no longer required, but continued care needs may exceed the resources of the owner or trainer, consider Ross Haven Farm as an interim comprehensive care facility.

Staffed by capable and experienced care providers, you can be assured that your patient’s interests will be our top priority, that your recommendations will be closely followed, and that the opportunity for frequent communication between all parties will be maintained.



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