Ross Haven Farm. Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Your Equine Convalescent Care Facility

The Farm



Ross Haven Farm comprises 48 acres of cleared and wooded farmland, conveniently located in Southern Worcester County close to the intersection of the I-84 and the I-90 throughways. The farm has been owned by the Roscioli family for 32 years and prior to serving as an equine convalescence facility it was the home of the family’s Thoroughbred breeding and racing operations.





Equine Housing:

Barn ABarn B

Ross Haven Farm has two main equine barns, the first comprised of nine rubber mat floored stalls (Equine A) and the second comprising seven earthen-floored stalls (Equine B).  A third barn (Equine C), apart from the rest of the facility, houses a self-contained stall and treatment area for quarantined animals. All stalls have windows providing views of adjacent grazing land and most stalls allow occupants to readily see neighboring stalled horses. Dust-reduced Canadian wood shavings are used exclusively for bedding unless a special need for alternative bedding exists.



TurnoutCommonual Grazing

Ross Haven Farm can meet the turnout needs of most convalescent regimens, offering a range of small and regular sized paddocks as well as larger pastures.  Individual or communal pasturing is available.  Most turnouts are grass but some of our smaller paddocks are dirt covered.


Feeding Practices:

Many of our patients have special dietary needs which we are pleased to accommodate at the direction of your veterinarian or other principal care provider.  We stock a broad range of concentrate and complete feeds as well as premium quality hays and hay substitutes. Feed supplements can be accommodated. Convalescing horses may benefit most from having a nutritional consultation completed with a veterinary nutritionist, a service we can arrange at your request.




With few exceptions, we believe it’s important for all horses, healthy or not, to have access to the outdoors for at least a few minutes exercise each day. For this reason, our barns are conveniently located immediately adjacent to in-hand walking and grazing areas.  Grass footing, blue sky, and fresh air, along with encouraging words can do wonders for the mental health and physical well-being of recuperating patients.

WalkingWalking Trail

For those horses allowed greater freedom of movement, in addition to varying degrees of turnout we can provide well-defined exercise regimens to maximize the likelihood of return to soundness.  In our exercise arena we can also offer lunging, long lining, or ridden exercise. Ross Haven Farm also offers a series of walking and riding trails where you can enjoy time with your horse during visits or we can provide this service for you.