Ross Haven Farm. Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Your Equine Convalescent Care Facility


Health Care Services:




Following the trend in human health care, veterinarians recognize that discharging an equine patient from a medical facility at the earliest appropriate time may offer advantages in terms of enhanced outcomes, reduced complications, and reduced costs. At the same time, there exist an increasing number of medically related procedures which can be safely completed in a non-hospital environment.

Circumstances will dictate that some horses will benefit most by transitioning through a convalescence center like Ross Haven Farm before returning home. In addition to relieving the owner or barn manager of the responsibility of providing needed medical services, the convalescence center will leave you secure in the knowledge that your horse is being medically supervised while benefiting from recuperation in a relaxed horse farm environment.




Magnetic Shin WrapDr. Kirker-Head and his wife Mona offer a broad spectrum of round-the-clock care services including but not limited to:

  • Post surgical recuperation
  • Post illness recuperation
  • Layups
  • Physical assessment
  • Administration of medications
  • Catheter maintenance
  • Wound management
  • Cast and bandage care
  • Graduated passive & active exercise programs
  • Specialized feeding programs
  • Pregnant mare & foaling supervision
  • Breeding services
  • Therapeutic farriery

Ross Haven Farm also offers vacation boarding and other specialized boarding needs.





The old adage “no foot, no horse” remains as true today as it was 100 years ago and animals recuperating from illness or injury often need specialized farriery to help them avoid the hoof-related complications that can arise from prolonged inactivity or excessive weight bearing (eg, laminitis).  We’ll work closely with your preferred farrier or our own attending farrier (Mr. Michael Mooney) to follow your veterinarian’s hoofcare recommendations. Drawing on experience gained from many years of specializing in hoof care, Dr. Kirker-Head can also provide valuable recommendations for your horse.


Adjunct therapies:

Therapeutic Ultrasound



We believe that your horse’s traditional veterinary care regimen can often be enhanced by the application of adjunct therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic or massage. Accordingly, we will be pleased to book an appointment for your horse with your preferred therapy provider or we can make arrangements for your horse to be attended by one of our recommended providers.


Emergency referral:


Transport Better

The closest major veterinary referral center lies only 30 minutes from Ross Haven Farm, and others can be accessed within 90 minutes. In the event that your horse develops an urgent care problem best treated at a referral center, communication with the facility can be promptly established, emergency aid can be rendered by Dr. Kirker-head and his team on site, and your horse can be transported to the center without delay using the farm’s own vehicles.





When your horses are away from home a primary concern of every owner is to know how they are doing, especially when they’ve recently been ill or had surgery. Referring veterinarians also need to know how their patients are progressing in response to their medical recommendations. Accordingly, Ross Haven Farm makes frequent communication with owners and referring veterinarians an absolute priority, whether by phone or email.