Ross Haven Farm. Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Your Equine Convalescent Care Facility



“I’m not sure who gets the better care at RHF – the horse or the owner! The horse gets top flight medical attention and the owner gets peace of mind. Carl, Mona, and Pete seem to go the extra mile to provide updates and reassurances while providing pro-active, personalized care {for] my mare. She’s happy, I’m happy – A “haven” is what this farm is!”
-           Betsy Smith, MA.


“When my Morgan colt required specialized care for several weeks after undergoing surgery, Ross Haven Farm was able to provide the care, medical attention and time that I could not during such an unexpected event.  I always felt reassured and confident knowing my horse was getting such individual attention in the hands of such competent and knowledgeable professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend RHF to anyone and would absolutely use their great services again.”
-           Liz Tylawsky, Woodstock, CT.


Hot Stuff

“Hi, my name is Jamie. I am 12 years old. I own a minature horse named Hot Stuff. He is very special to me, we do everything together. When he had to go to Ross Haven Farm I was very sad, but once I got to go and visit him things got better. Hot Stuff was happy and treated very good. He was cared for the way I would care for him myself, with love and hugs that he needed daily. They brushed him daily and gave his medication. They even put stereo in his stall so he would not feel lonely. Ross Haven Farm did everything to make my horse feel like [he was] at home and me so I would not worry.”
-           Jamie Jo Sciopuccie, Meriden, CT.



“Ross Haven Farm is a refuge for horses needing TLC, like my horse Oreo. This picturesque New England setting offers a beautiful, healing atmosphere, where I could depend on daily care for my horse while healing from a coronet injury. I spent hours each day, almost everyday, for weeks visiting my horse and always feeling welcome, and met with friendly caring people from Dr. Kirker-Head to Mona and Pete, to other boarders who had extra carrots to share.
            I hope Oreo is on the mend now that he’s home, b ut if we had to have further care, I would rest easier  now that I know first hand what to expect at Ross Haven Farm.”
            - Elizabeth Menninger
            Wakefield, MA.


".....the overall care, communication, knowledge, support, and facility is truly of the highest standards certainly second to no other convalescence facility in New England. Dr. Kirker-head was always readily available to contact and kept us very well apprised of our horse’s health and progress. Our horse was a patient at Ross Haven Farm for two months and had tendon surgery; we were always extremely welcomed to visit and our horse was incredibly well taken care of 24/7 at Ross Haven Farm by Dr. Kirker-Head, Mona and Pete. Our horse received superior overall medical care; our horse was hand walked 3X per day for several weeks. Our horse’s stall was impeccably clean; his feeding regimen was perfect for his needs. All overall costs were very reasonable, including transportation to and from Tufts University. My daughter and I completely trusted leaving our horse at Ross Haven Farm. We would strongly recommend RHF as a convalescence facility for your horse and for our horses if ever needed. The property of RHF provides a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere which is ideal for an equine convalescence facility.”
-           PJG & C&G from Maine.


Lali And Friends

            The proverbial “I could write a book” comes to mind when I think of Ross Haven Farm. There is beauty to the eye, the best of care, and always a warm reception [for] horse and owner. The professional, personal, and environmental resources are geared to making a positive difference for the horses who are lucky enough to recuperate and/or board in such a special place.
            My Morgan horse Quail Run Lalique (Lali) had emergency abdominal surgery [at Tufts University] in Nov, 2006. From her arrival at Ross Haven to the present, she has received care that can only be described as superb. A dedicated veterinarian and care giving team are meticulous in meeting all needs around the clock, communication is outstanding, calls are always answered immediately or within minutes with progress reports provided without the owner even having to ask! My primary vet knows what is happening and is a part of the team.But, most of all, the atmosphere is so welcoming and warm and Ross Haven is a place where the horses are loved and the owners respected and welcomed in every day.”
-           Joan Goldsberry, Wellesley, MA.


“Ross Haven is an outstanding place - managed and operated by outstanding and caring people. Carl, Mona, and Pete are a great team!”
-           Anon.


“Dr. Kirker-Head and his wife Mona were life savers! After my horse, Leo, was taken to the hospital in the ambulance it looked unlikely he would survive. After his treatment the barn where I had him [couldn’t] take him back. Since I was at college and 8 hours from home I was stuck. We knew Leo couldn’t survive the trailer ride all the way home. Then the Kirker-Heads offered to take him on. Leo had been in a sling for a month and had a weakened immune system so he couldn’t be turned out or around other horses so they [gave] him a stall in a separate [quarantine] barn. He was also very finicky about eating and [they] tried many different types of grain until they found something he would eat. The Kirker-Heads were very accommodating and I credit them with helping to save Leo’s life. Now he is healthy and thriving. Thanks again.”
-           Brittany Riggle, Mercersburg, PA.


“Thank you for this opportunity [to have my horse taken care of]. Thank you also for always being sensitive to questions and concerns. Most of all, thanks to Mona, Pete, and Carl for your kindness and consideration.”
-           Anon.


“I can not say enough about the excellent care our horse received at Ross Haven Farm when he was recovering from his broken elbow. They were warm, caring, and always kept us informed. It was obvious our horse felt the same way in how he related to the whole Kirker-Head family when they visited him months [later] after his stay with them. He ran across the paddock when he saw them at the fence!”
-           Donna JK Gartrell, Boston, MA.


“When our daughters mini donkey (Bumble Bee) broke his leg the first week we had him we all anticipated the worst. However, thanks to great vet care from Dr. Kirker-Head and a rehab stint at Ross Haven, Bumble Bee is thriving as the most popular resident of our barn and our daughter’s been inspired to become a vet and operate a rehab clinic.”
-           M Ceppi, Bedford, MA.


“Ross Haven Farm gave Angel the best care possible! Because I live so far away, it was very hard for me to see Angel. Ross Haven Farm kept me well informed on Angel’s progress. I couldn’t have sent her to a better place!”
-           Jessica Soares, Portsmouth, RI.


“The Kirker-Heads helped us out during a very difficult time when one of our boarding customer’s animals had a disease that was potentially contagious to other alpacas. We were able to remove the animals from our farm and to protect the rest of our herd, while we were waiting for the outcome of the test results. Mona, Carl, and their staff were very helpful and accommodating. I felt the animals were well cared for and we were kept informed about the animals’ health status. We very much appreciated their professionalism, care-giving and concern for the animals.”
-           Steve McCarthy, Old Chatham, NY.